Do I need a license to drive?

For boats 30 horse power or under no license is necessary.


What is the cost of hiring a boat?

The boats start from 50 euros per day up to 150 euros per day. Discounts are given on rentals of 3 days and over. Petrol is charged separately.


Will I be safe to drive it (I am a complete novice) ?

Don’t worry if you haven’t driven a boat before it really is very easy. Before you go out we give you an extensive lesson on how the engine works and the general do’s and don’ts of boat hire. This is actually very straight forward. The thing that takes a little more time is explaining how to anchor the boat when you come to a beach or a taverna jetty, but again once it’s been explained and we let you do it yourself before we set you off, everyone seems to get the hang of it.

The secret is to take your time and do everything nice and slowly. We don’t let you out on the ‘high seas’ before you feel confident enough to captain your ‘ship’!


What size and type of boat will I need?

This depends on how many people in your party and how fast you want to go!

Our smaller boats are licensed for a maximum of 6 people (this includes children) and have 15 horse power engines. These type of boats have affectionately over the years been named ‘chug chugs’. They are still very popular for people who just want to potter up and down the coast and see where the mood takes them!

For people who prefer to go a little faster we have 25 and 30 horse power boats with steering wheels, electric key starts  and new four-stroke engines which are much more economical on fuel, all of these boats can take up to 8 people.


What is included in the rental?

All boats are rented for a minimum period of one full day which is 9AM until 6PM (later than other areas due to the sheltered position!)

All our boats come supplied with sun canopies (absolutely essential), fixed bathing ladders (also essential if you want to go for a swim off the boat and get back on!), life jackets and all the safety equipment as required by the Greek Port Authorities also all boats have third party liability insurance.

In addition we offer coolboxes, a detailed area map and snorkelling gear for free, on demand.

A full tank of petrol is supplied and on return you pay for what you have used.


How much petrol will I need?

A full tank is supplied which should be more than enough as long as you don’t go ‘flat out’ all day!

The faster you go the more you use, so slow and steady is a better bet. Petrol costs approximately €1.50 per litre.


Why Kaminaki?

Kaminaki is the perfect location to start your exploration of this stunning coastline. You can venture as far north as Kassiopi and as far south as Ipsos with plenty of places to stop in between.

You have a longer day with us than in other places as no winds come up in the afternoon and it is the best snorkeling part of the coastline!


How Do I Book?

Send an e-mail or telephone (0030) 26630 91421 or Mobile (0030) 6945 913042. Booking is essential in high season Mid July to mid September. Or use our contact form.

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